Apex Institute is one of the premier institutes of Chapra which provides courses in Competitive,Spoken
and Intermediate English since Jan.2004. The institute keeps an earnest desire to provide overall support to all of its students and especially to those who come from rural background or from remote areas.
We at Apex Institute. tradition lays greater emphasis on the value of education. Our education system shapes the personality and character of an individual and cultivates life skills.

What has changed is the way the institutes are now required to identify, assess and put in place a well – articulated management framework with proper analytical tools,
processes and information. They would also require trained manpower to manage and sustain this framework.

It is an accepted fact that many coaching institutes in India are not well equipped with in house resource to build such a sustainable
framework on their own. Since the information and training needed for such a system is huge, Institutes would necessarily have to build a knowledge powerhouse with diverse expertise and advisors.