From the desk of Asst. Director

It is a well-admitted fact that Spoken English has become the integral part of our life. From societal point of view, it is said that the society in which we live, gives more importance as well as dignity to those people who are well-versed in English. On the other hand the people who don’t know English are supposed to be old-fashioned.

When talking about interaction; English is a language of good communication utilized by many people as a ‘global’ language. ‘Global’ in a sense that if we have to go abroad or even outside state and if we don’t know English we will have to face a lot of problems while communicating with others but if we are proficient in it we won’t have any problem.

Keeping in mind the various changes in the advent of Information Technology and miraculous innovations in the field of latest gadgets and gizmos, familiarity with English has become mandatory for all of us. Without being familiar in it we can’t get our work done simply.

In this millennium age English language has revolutionized the way we live and work and continue to change all the aspects of our life and life-styles. Without spoken English we can’t do anything in the field of education, employment, business and even in our order of the day life.

We, at Apex provide an environment which caters to everyone’s need. Be those who want to be fluent and want to have job of or those who simply wanna feel English. Our lucid manner and easy-to-understand style of teaching make students able to set benchmark in the world of English and make them prepare to be successful in almost every walk of life.

I wish you very best and grand success in English! Emotionally yours,
Astt. Director
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